Board Training For Her

Learn the Proven Strategies Needed to Secure a Board Seat

It Begins By Claiming A Seat At The Table.

According to numerous news reports and studies, corporations which have a diverse board with female representation, simply perform better. Recent research also shows that the trend for female inclusion is one which will not be changing any time soon.

And the fact that the state of California recently mandated that publicly listed boards with headquarters in the state must include at least one woman by 2019, is a searing illustration that the opportunity to secure a board seat for HER – is now.

The Board Training For Her development program provides a highly-comprehensive and rigorous approach to corporate director training which is designed to create more female board members. This interactive and engaging development program has been designed to provide the foundational understanding, knowledge base, and tactical skills needed to secure a seat at the table. You’ll also benefit of collaborating, networking, and learning alongside other motivated and rising professional women.

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding the “real” role of the board member
  • How to develop or refine your “personal brand” and value proposition and other keys to success needed to secure your desired board seat
  • Proven-effective strategies to increase visibility with corporate nominating committees and executive search firms
  • Identifying opportunities to leverage relationships within your current network to create board opportunities
  • Understanding the unique nuances of board seat interviews and what you need to know in order to be prepared and effective when needed

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