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It Begins with "Yes"

As a performance art, the premise of improv is a simple one; actors take the stage not knowing how things will evolve until they are up there and in the moment. Their performance begins with a simple prompt and from there – they improvise. Quickly deciding not only what to say, but how to say it. But it all starts with a simple prompt and from there, they chart their way as they go along.

And although they improvise, they rely on the “yes, and” principle.

“Yes, and” simply means the actor fully accepts whatever fellow actors do and or say as their reality – and build upon it. Without question or judgement. And then, they are asked to add their own contributions. In order for the scene to be effective, actors must be skilled in active listening, be fully present, commit to being judgement-free, and contribute freely and with purpose.

The “yes, and” approach has value in today’s time-crunched, stress-laden workplaces. By implementing strategies which encourage employee engagement active listening, judgement-free environments, work teams are better equipped to succeed. The result is a corporate culture which fosters a sense of unity and oneness, and where work teams inspire each other to take initiative and innovate.

What You'll Learn

  • How to implement the “Yes and” principle in order to create a more cohesive work team
  • Strategies used to improve truly “active listening” to improve your abilities to be fully present when working with your team and co-workers
  • How to create a more accepting and collaborative-based space for you and your team to tackle projects and challenges
  • Ways that improv can help you secure a strong sense of self and greater self-confidence

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