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Vignette #26

Dawn Gilliam is a t the top of her game. As a 25+ year entertainment industry veteran, her body of work includes Black Panther, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Creed. As a script supervisor, she is the director's right-hand woman and is literally seated next to the person calling all the shots. And while she had earned a stellar professional reputation and enjoyed the respect of the industry's most influential names, Gilliam had not increased her rates in any meaningful way in over 10 years. Coming to the realization that she needed her compensation to be congruent with her experience and contributions, she was ready for more.

After completing the Women & Negotiations program, Gilliam learned how to approach the negotiation process from a place of confidence, identify her strongest strategic leverage points, and assertively ask for the compensation package she deserved.

On her next deal, Gilliam increased her rates by 51% and secured seeral ancillary perks and benefits. She had found her confidence, obtained the knowledge, and claimed her true value.

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