Inspired Marketing

Learn the Essence of Effective Marketing

It Begins with Being in Sync

As the lifeline of any business, marketing is the one area of concentration where many small business owners often decide to “wing it” and hope for the best. With so many options, vying for your marketing dollar (from Facebook ads to forward-facing sales materials) to the complexities inherent to an incredibly noisy marketplace (consumers are bombarded with 10 different marketing messages every minute), it is not surprising that many are anxious when it comes to how to most effectively market their business. But it really doesn’t need to be that complex, scary, challenging, or expensive. By implementing a step-by-step marketing strategy, small business owners can follow a blueprint which can lead to increased sales and greater market saturation.

The Inspired Marketing program also addressed the more esoteric side of marketing, from understanding how to better tune in to your customer and his or her needs and preferences as well as honing your skills on how to read the treads and rhythm of the marketplace.

What You'll Learn

  • Dispelling marketing’s biggest myths and fallacies
  • Understanding the pre-work which must be developed ever thinking about buying one Facebook ad, posting one tweet, or sending out an email blast
  • How develop a comprehensive marketing strategy using the “layered approach”
  • Ways to save dollars yet still get the marketing results needed to get sales
  • Understanding the importance of effectiveness metrics (and how you may not be effective at all without them)

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